Now Enrolling For 2022-2023 School Year!!!


Camino Polytechnic is now opening enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year. We offer:

  • Full homeschool (K-8th)
  • Hybrid homeschool (K-8th)

Programs feature science-focused, project-based learning emphasizing hands-on activities and cooperative learning.

For more information, contact Rebecca Morgan or message me over Facebook at @caminopolytech


Superintendent-Principal: Matthew W. Smith

Located at 3060 Snows Road, Camino, Ca (530)644-2204

Camino Polytechnic

A Science and Natural Resources Charter School

Enrollment Update from Mr. Smith

Camino Polytechnic Families,

We are aware that there is lots of confusion and frustration over the orders given by Governor Newsom regarding future vaccination requirements. We wanted to let you know that we have been able to clarify how this would impact our Camino Polytechnic programs. We heard back from our Camino USD attorney, our County Office of Education, and our State level officials. Our understanding is listed below:

Yes, the charter school students do not need to be vaccinated so long as they are in pure homeschool or our usual independent study programs. Health & Safety Code section 120335(f) is the key code section [(f) This section does not apply to a pupil in a home-based private school or a pupil who is enrolled in anindependent study programpursuant to Article 5.5 (commencing with Section 51745) of Chapter 5 of Part 28 of the Education Codeand does not receive classroom-based instruction.]. The Governor indicated that his plan is to add the COVID vaccines to section 120335’s list of vaccinations, meaning the future COVID vaccine requirement wouldn’t apply to homeschool or independent study students, either.

The Education Code has a definition for “classroom-based instruction” for charter schools:

Ed. Code 47612.5 (e) (1) “Notwithstanding any other law, and as a condition of apportionment, “classroom-based instruction” in a charter school, for purposes of this part [the Charter Schools Act], occurs only when charter school pupils are engaged in educational activities required of those pupils and are under the immediate supervision and control of an employee of the charter school who possesses a valid certification document registered as required by law.”

Some tricky situations can arise if the charter school is providing a “meeting space” or “resource center” where independent study or homeschool students can come do work, so be aware in case Camino Polytechnic is doing that.

So, Camino Polytechnic Homeschool program should be able to continue enrollment and service for non-vaccinated students. It must be entirely through home based program, so non-vaccinate students could not participate in our “2 day” modified homeschool program. I am quite confident that we can work through the complications, but wanted to make sure families knew that we could still offer enrollment and program for non-vaccinated students, if the Governors order as it stands today is implemented for next school year.

Thank you.

M. Smith


Camino USD

Emergency Procedure

Should an emergency arise at school, we will use our emergency phone notification system to send out a message to advise you of the situation. As a parent you can ensure that fire fighters, law enforcement and school officials are able to handle an emergency. Please do not rush to the school to pick up your child. Emergency plans are in place to reunite students with their parents as quickly as possible.